High Contrast – Spectrum Analyser

If you are a drum and bass person then I think you will like this new recent release from High Contrast called ‘Spectrum Analyser’. It is pretty stereotypical drum and bass with a hint of chiptone.

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Jessica Wright (feat. Mann) – Dominos

This is a tough one, I don’t like the song personally but it’s definitely got something which is ‘catchy’. My verdict is that this will get into the top 5 of the UK charts.

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Matrix & Futurebound – All I Know (feat. Luke Bingham)

As the domain name of the website suggests this blog is all about Club Classics. Whether the songs are already classics or whether provided they pass the test of time will become classics in there own right.

The first classic I want to write about is an absolute banger from drum & bass duo Matrix & Futurebound . I can’t get enough of this song. To be honest I’ve listened to it so many times i should be completely bored senseless of it, But it soldiers on and still gets better every time I give it a listen.

The track is called “All I Know” and comes complete with brilliant vocals from Luke Bingham.

Although the song only reached #27 in the UK singles charts I truly believe it is on it’s way to becoming a true classic.

The song is produced brilliantly and has an easily recognizable intro quickly joined by the vocals. The build up of the song goes down a storm in the club scene followed by the “verse & chorus” if you wish to call it that. The breakdown midway through the song fits in perfectly leading on to the end of the track.

“All I Know” is a definite feature on the playlist of me and a friends DJ sets and it goes down incredibly well. Whether that be at a small house party or in the clubs.

The music video to go with the song is brilliant in its own right. A link to which follows.

The song is now released on beatport and iTunes and comes on an EP with equally incredible remixes. The link to purchase it on beatport follows.